Kyoshi Howard T. Smith

Chief Instructor

Welcome to JKO Bristol

The Japan Karate-Do Organization has served the Tri-Cities since 1969. Shito-Ryu is one of the four major styles of Japanese Karate. Shito-Ryu is practiced by over 80,000 members in 40 countries the World over. Our school is a member of the Japan Karate Federation, the National governing body for Karate-Do in Japan under the direction of the Ministry of Education and Foreign Affairs.

What to Expect from Karate-Do Training

    Karate-Do training develops mental discipline and determination as well as physical fitness. Karate classes emphasize spirit and perseverance. You will find that this positive attitude carries over from the Dojo into your personal and professional life. Regular attendance and consistent work results in improvement and reinforcement of patience and self-discipline. At JKO, students learn the fundamentals of Karate first. When proper basics are practiced, the student progresses with a deeper understanding of the concept and meaning behind Karate-do techniques.

Watch Overcoming, our short film about bullying

Bullying has become a big social issue and we wanted to do something to bring awareness to the problem.  JKO Bristol sponsored the production of Overcoming, a short film made in Bristol by 353 Studios. 

We also participate on the film as actors, having our chief structor Kyoshi Howard T. Smith as the sensei and our student Paul Letson as the victim of the bullying. 

Watch free on this page, or on Amazon at: