Karate-Do Keys to Success

    The study of Traditional Japanese Karate-Do is not only for the young and athletic; students of all ages benefit from this art. Traditional Karate-do instruction can help students develop character as well as physical fitness. We teach perseverance, politeness, good sportsmanship, respect for others, authority and the law, as well as good grooming, self-confidence, and good judgement.

    Once the student decides to take up Karate-do training, they should expect to give it their best. Quitting after a short time, training only when they feel like it, and coming to class late creates a pattern of inconsistency and inadequacy. At the same time, promoting a “winning is everything” attitude or pushing to obtain higher rank in a short period will cause the student to become frustrated instead of dedicated. A balance of discipline and encouragement teaches the student to put forth the effort necessary to deal with problems and setbacks.

    Parents can help boost their child’s enthusiasm and confidence by encouraging regular attendance. Students should be responsible for the care of their own equipment and put on their Karate uniform (gi) and belt without help. Proper attitudes develop when students arrive at the Dojo on time with all required equipment and a clean Karate gi. Children should learn to follow class instruction without having to rely on their parents, just as they do in school. As they develop independence in these areas, students form a definite sense of pride and responsibility.

    Children at different ages benefit and learn in different ways. Parents should not be tempted to compare their child to others developing at a different rate. Regular training with students of different ages and rank also gives the opportunity to develop socially and learn to work toward a goal in a class setting. JKO students develop an exceptional dedication and pride in their achievements, both in Karate and elsewhere. We encourage children to work for good grades in school and be helpful at home. The parents of an overwhelming number of students attest that their child performs better both in academics and behavior when they attend our Karate-do classes.

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